I have experienced first-hand the transformative powers of REAL FOOD, not only to change your health but to wake you up to LIFE!

The short version of my backstory is that I was under a tremendous amount of poorly managed stress, working too many hours, and doing my best to maintain a borderline-too-high weight with the “healthy version of the Standard American Diet” and as much exercise as my already overly exhausted body could handle. Eventually, it all added up to a complete disaster and, well, I quit sleeping (not on purpose). What I didn’t know yet was that I was a hormonal and metabolic wreck.

My healing started with food. Over the course of several months, I learned to eliminate ALL processed foods (this includes breads, crackers, all grains – many, many foods that are marketed to us as healthy). I started putting self-care first and stopped beating up my body with “fitness” it wasn’t able to support or recover from.

And, WOW, what a transformation!

This is the short list of things that magically disappeared:

  • high blood pressure
  • joint pain & generalized body aches
  • skin issues (dryness, oiliness, acne on my neck, face, and arms,
  • exercise intolerance
  • anxiety & depression (after what had been a lifelong battle)
  • foggy cognitive function & inability to focus
  • 25-ish extra pounds (yep!)
  • generalized itching
  • mouth sores & hangnails (weird, I know!)
  • propensity toward gingivitis
  • yeast overgrowth
  • severe insomnia (although this one wasn’t quite “magic” and is still a work in progress)

With results like this, I began sharing my experience with anyone who was interested and everyone who noticed (it was a pretty noticeable change!). What I soon realized is that it wasn’t as easy to package & deliver as “don’t eat processed foods”. Eventually, I partnered with Whole30® and became a Certified Coach.

I offer Whole30® groups online. In these groups, I provide clarification of the Whole30® rules & recommendations, offer support & suggestions to maximize results (sorta “Whole30 PLUS”), build a community of Whole30-ers, and equip you with tools to take your Whole30-ish experience to a permanent lifestyle.

I couldn’t be more honored than to walk along side really brave people who are willing to change “who they are” in relation to food in exchange for “food freedom”. Many call the experience “truly awakening to food”!

It’s not easy but shedding both the physical and mental bondage to processed foods is PRICELESS.

Are you ready? You’re up next!