I believe in and have experienced the healing power of food. Real food. Whole food.

Several years ago, I was going about my business of working a full-time job in biotech clinical development, being a new mom to two older, internationally adopted children (a significant source of stress even though they are awesome kiddos!), and eating the “healthy version” of the Standard American Diet when I began having debilitating digestive and hormonal issues. Basically, my body was broken.

After a variety of failed attempts to conventionally manage my symptoms (which is how allopathic medicine addressed my sicknesses), I was forced to rethink how I was going to regain my health. Over a fairly short period of time, I cut out all processed foods. And I mean ALL. I don’t really know if I knew what I was doing. Intuitively, I think I knew it was what was making me sick.

And it was what was making me sick. In fact, it was the cause of things I had come to accept as “normal”.

Here’s the maddening part, all along I had been eating what I was supposed to eat. I was eating the healthiest version of the Standard American Diet (high grains, relatively low fat, yada-yada).

What healed me was anything but the Standard American Diet.

I became deeply interested in the mechanism of my healing. What I came to learn blew my mind.

And it’s here that I share what I’ve learned with you.

I help people bust myths about food and redefine what is possible for their health!

But, that’s not all of it! Lifestyle choices matter too. Together, diet & lifestyle (only *somewhat* influenced by genetics) make up the chemistry of who you are.

Easy enough, right?

Not so…

More important than information about food & lifestyle is *changing your mind*!!

Because willpower *will* fail you…

I teach you how to integrate food & lifestyle choices to become habit.

I am a Registered Nurse, Health Coach & Yoga Teacher.

Join me on this journey to Vibrant Health!