Shift In Thinking

Looking at the Same Food thru Different Eyes

Thus far my schtick has pretty much been food. But I’ve been fairly ineffective at catapulting many into the realms of diet change that I’ve personally experienced. At some point, it felt yucky to poke and prod people while obviously lacking the tools or right words to burst lackluster food bubbles. Major breakthroughs just weren’t …

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When the Scale Lags Behind Your Healthy Diet


Let’s face it eating a clean diet for the purposes of feeling great, having super-human energy & immunity, and thinking like Einstein is all well and good. But the real reason we eat real food is the immense joy (albeit fleeting) of slipping effortlessly into a single-digit sized cocktail dress. So whut-up when you eat …

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Collateral Effects of Your Health Choices

illustration of family made of stethoscope on Healthcare and Med

As you can imagine, my kids have not been spared my health-&-nutrition-for-all mission. If you are a newcomer, you may not know that my kids were adopted from Ukraine at ages 8 and 11 in May 2011. This matters mostly because they weren’t ruined by the Standard American Diet until they were 9 and 12 …

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Inside Job

Care and natural remedies in the healing process. Digital illustration.

Most of my life I’ve had at least some level of anxiety that the external world knew something about me that I did not know about myself. Something I needed to know. But didn’t. Something about that always nagged at me. This way of having to listen to someone else tell me what was right …

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Baby Steps to Better Health

Fresh Vegetables Collage

It pains me a little to write this post because I’ve been emphatic about the powerful impact to your health of making sweeping changes to your diet. I believe in it! Here’s what I like about an elimination or “bridge” (as I like to call it) diet: Takes out nearly all commonly health-harming foods Adds …

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Pictures & Portions

Day 3 Dinner

Boy has posting pictures of my meals this week been interesting! I am loving your comments and questions. I’ve already addressed the biggest concern which seems to be that I eat some “weird” foods. The second most common concern seems to be that of my (perceived from a picture) portion size versus what your portion …

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