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Day 3 DinnerBoy has posting pictures of my meals this week been interesting! I am loving your comments and questions. I’ve already addressed the biggest concern which seems to be that I eat some “weird” foods.

The second most common concern seems to be that of my (perceived from a picture) portion size versus what your portion size might actually be in order for you to feel satisfied. This is great discussion and opens up so many things that I want to share with you about REAL FOOD! So, thank you for your comments and questions. Together we will bust myths and change mindsets!!

It’s Just a Picture –

First of all, let’s be real. It’s a picture. Taken with my iPhone. Be cautious about assuming it’s a great picture that accurately depicts portion sizes. Most of the pictures I have taken are woefully crude. Or maybe the plate’s just huge. It’s a picture. By an amateur. You get my point.

The Point of the Picture is WHAT –

Secondly, the primary purpose of me sharing basically my “food diary” is so that you can see what I eat. Not how much. Why the distinction? Because (at the risk of repeating myself) everyone is different! I am not prescribing you a menu or diet. I could not possibly do that for you! Why not? Because I am not you. I can give you some really good guidelines to follow for selecting foods. But the bulk of the work is still yours.

It’s About Composition –

Thirdly, about the what. I want you to notice the fat, protein, & carbohydrate components of what I eat. I want you to notice that it’s real food. That’s really all. Try not to make this exercise into something that won’t serve you well.

Gettin’ Good!

Here’s where it gets really good and I start to smile. Maybe you are right about the portion sizes. Maybe I do eat less than what you think you would need to feel satisfied. I hope you’ll love this part. This would have been true for me too before I changed my diet!! Which brings me back to the what.

What Not –

Science has proved that sugar causes a dopamine response in the brain. What this means basically is that it acts like a drug. It makes you feel good. And the next time, it takes more to get the same good feeling. Certain foods cause both physiological and/or psychological dependence this increasing our appetites (both physiological and psychological) for them. These particular foods may be different for everyone, but they typically include sugar, grains, & processed foods. So, whether or not to include them in your diet depends on how you respond to them and your willpower to resist them if that’s how you plan to manage their place in your diet. I don’t have that kind of willpower. So I leave those scary foods alone! It’s not really a problem though.

WHAT (Again) –

I hope you’ve noticed that I likely include more fat (& maybe protein) in my diet that you might have expected. This is HUGE! And by now, you know I love telling people to eat more healthy fat! Talk about making me smile…

I recently coached a group of four through a 21-Day Sugar Detox (I’ve got some stuff to say about that too!) and unanimously the largest impact to their diet was the addition of more healthy fats. And each of them reported feeling better for it! And some even lost weight despite the extra fat.

bigstock-change-your-mindset-55660706This was my experience as well. All I can tell you is that when I shifted my food choices to nutrient dense foods and focused on fueling my body, my portion sizes decreased. And over the course of a few months I lost 30 pounds (and a couple of other things I was glad to bid good riddance)!

How can you not love me when I am telling you to eat more of something that tastes great and satisfies you?? Your portion control could largely be solved by what you are eating!A paradigm shift? I think so!

I am literally reaching out and catching all the kisses you are blowing me right now ;)!!

How Much (For the Last Time) –

On the rare occasion that I undereat (and it does happen from time to time – usually because I was un- or underprepared), it’s really no biggie. Because (and you will come through my computer screen and hug me now) when you’re detoxed from sugar, grains & processed foods, how you experience hunger is quite different. It’s not “ravenous”. It’s more like a gentle reminder that your body would like some nourishment. Sweet, huh?!

But What if You STILL Want More Food Even Though You’re Finally Eating All the RIGHT Stuff? –

If for you, after eating what was on my plate, you wanted another piece of chicken, EAT IT! There have been many times I’ve eaten three pieces. Sometime four! There are all kinds of reasons I had two pieces and not three or four at this meal. None of that matters to you because it was me, not you.

And here’s another added bonus (could you love me any more?!): when your metabolism is rock solid and you happen to let’s call it “overeat” at a meal, without even putting forth effort, your appetite simply adjusts accordingly at the next meal.

I am telling you that this does NOT require a PhD in eating! It requires cultivation of awareness of how your body feels and responds to certain foods and quantities.

Psychology of Eating

It would be dismissive of me to not address our emotional attachments to eating. They’re there. They’re not really very functional. But they’re there. Again, I think awareness goes a looooong way in this area as well. Keeping a food diary that also leaves a space for you to record your emotions at the time of eating (and, no surprise here, the “what” you chose to eat matters too!) can be very revealing and offer the insight you may need to support your desire to change.

Power of positive thought

Lastly, I want to encourage you to be optimistic about eating real food! I AM! I love it!! And it never occurs to me that I could not do it. Forever.

I would not deny that it takes effort but it doesn’t take willpower. It’s not something that is tenuous and might elude me tomorrow.

The amount of energy I expend managing portion sizes and food selections is null compared to when I ate the Standard American Diet. It’s a freedom I never knew existed…



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