New Year Whole30 to Food Freedom


Whole30 to Food Freedom in 2018!

No offense, but wimps need not apply. We are gonna BLOW OUR MINDS U-P!

In addition to a “Master Whole30” with intentional & structured re-introduction, we’re going to shine the light on our conscious & unconscious behavior patterns and replace false pleasures with genuine well-being for Food Freedom. For FREEDOM!

We start on January 2 (we’ll do a little pre-work leading up to but be ready to start your Whole30 on Jan 2!).

End. Of. Story.


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This online program is for experienced Whole30-ers who are DONE struggling with the desire to overeat or return to unwanted health habits.

This is an 8-week program starting (Jan 2, 2018) with a “Master Whole30”, followed by a structured reintroduction, and wrapped up with Food Freedom!

As you’re an experienced Whole30-er, the bulk of the work we’ll do is:

  1. Reset & detox from the holidays,
  2. Maximize wellness with added pillars of health (movement, sleep, mindfulness, stress mgmt, etc) and
  3. Drill down very seriously into mindset around permanent change (habituating your Food Freedom & Vibrant Health/Optimal Well-being).

We’ll delve deeply into the BONUS MATERIAL that I’ve offered in my Whole30 groups! This group will be primarily focused on your development of a bulletproof plan to be in the world without being in bondage to food (or other sources of buffering which we’ll also explore!).

You’ll also have access to discounted individual coaching plans.

More Details:

  1. Reset & Detox: This will be a MASTER Whole30. Right out of the gates we’ll uplevel our reset WHole30 by eliminating compliant foods that may not be our best options, by maximizing Whole30 recommendations, and by including foods that SUPER FUEL us for maximal physical, emotional, and cognitive energy. We’ll pre-pave our way to Food Freedom. We’ll re-intro (or not), We’ll apply Food Freedom.
  2. Pillars of Health: Each week we will address non-food pillars of health that are inclusive of Vibrant Health. These pillars include sleep, movement (effective exercise), stress management, etc. and we’ll explore a variety of strategies to experience improvement in each area.
  3. THE BEST ONE! Mindset: Oh my goodness. This is where it gets so good I could cry. This is where this program is not for wimps. It’s not for anyone unwilling to turn the light on and look at the clutter in your mind and CLEAN HOUSE! But this is where effort becomes inspired action. This is where you shift from using false pleasures to having genuine well-being. DID YOU GET THAT? OH…tis sooooo good! Here’s a basic outline of topics we’ll explore  (subject to change as the content is developed & gets better & better & better!): *how the primitive mind works & serves/doesn’t serve us in the modern world, *why we do what we do (hint: to feel better), *what buffering is, how it impairs our best life, and how to eliminate it, *strategies to feel better once buffering is gone, *developing emotional maturity/feeling your negative emotions (it’s okay that you do not know how – we’re only taught to avoid negative emotion, so it’s expected that we don’t know how to experience negative emotion), *trading clutter for clarity, *discovering inspired action/alignment with values, *planning/pre-paving your success, *achieving emotional balance. OK THAT’S A LOT!! So back to my original statement…wimps need not apply ;)!

8 weeks is but a blip of the time it takes to address all that we’ve targeted. But they are a necessary 8 weeks. So let’s start where we are and dive in!!

Here’s how the content will be delivered to you & experienced by you:

  1. Weekly presentation: this will be available to you as an audio recording. I’ll talk about targeted concepts each week. The idea is that we will address at least one concept related to physiology (the body) and at least one concept related to psychology (the mind) – knowing that these are inextricable and overlap is inherent. I will release each recording at the beginning of the week. You will have access to the recording via a membership website. Note: I’ll be sending a link to the recording to your email inbox. The first time you visit the site on a device, you’ll have to log in to the site. It’s no biggie…I’ve used this before and folks caught on quickly.
  2. Daily Postings (Monday-Friday): each day I will offer at least one, but sometimes more than one, post within our private Facebook group that supports our concepts for the week. This will be where dialogue & sharing occurs.
  3. Weekly Live Q&A and Coaching Call


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