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I help women over 50

lose weight &

reclaim their health

eating REAL FOOD.

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Meet Andrea

I am passionate about YOU having a better life!

I want you to also experience the physical & mental freedom from the generally accepted conditions of "normal aging" and the bondage of overdesire for food/drinks.

I will help you create a way of eating (protocol) for your life! On your personalized & smartly-designed protocol, you will naturally lose weight & maintain your healthiest weight without "dieting". You will invite healing into your body & mind with real, whole food. Nothing else!

Like I did for myself, I will help you increase your self-awareness of how your primitive (and perfectly functioning) brain undermines your health & weight goals and develop the skill of using your adult, future-focused mind to think differently about food & health & lifestyle for true freedom. No "lack" or "restriction", just clarity!

Like many people, I met my middle adult years with excess weight accumulating in my midsection, increasing depression & anxiety, and many signs & symptoms of chronic disease that are all too often considered “normal aging”.

I challenged the current health/medical paradigm of "eat less, exercise more" and "a pill for every ill" and empowered my wellness in ways I dared not dream were possible!


I help people do the same thing I did!

Change (weight loss):
~25% Food

~75% Thinking

Let's be honest, we were taught what to think. But how many of us were ever taught HOW to think for ourselves? We weren't. And so our primitive, self-protective, impulsive brain runs amuck creating results we do not want.

This is my life's work ~ helping people reclaim their power over their own lives!!

How I Do It
(My Tips & Tricks)

All of my kitchen "How To's" so you can be a pretty darn good healthy home cook without losing your mind!

My Weight Loss & Wellness Philosophy

Get a snapshot of what I have experienced and believe about weight loss & wellness!