8-Week Transformation

W/ Andrea Sapienza of VibrantHealthRN

Are you ready to stop cravings, stop overeating

and stop over-desiring food?


Are you ready to end food's hold on your life & your emotions?

Are you ready to meet the rest of your life feeling your

most confident & excited in years {maybe decades!}?

Are you ready to make this shift a priority in your life once & for all?

Give me 8 weeks of your focused effort and I'll give you tools you didn't know where even possible to easily & for the rest of your life

make the best dietary choices for you!


This 8-Week program is designed for anyone ready to enjoy the myriad benefits of removing processed, refined carbohydrate, and inflammatory foods from and adding deeply nourishing foods to their diets! There are no special foods or supplements. In fact, I will teach you to eat and lose weight and improve your health with FOOD. REAL FOOD!


~Develop and dial in a personalized diet that is aligned with your goals & lifestyle & preferences eating real food

~Receive expert coaching to develop understanding of effects of the Standard American Diet (high in carbohydrates, low in quality fats, high in inflammatory fats, deplete of micronutrients)

~Begin to recognize how cultural & social appropriations of food & drinks has shaped our "normalization" of eating and is eroding our health status

~Learn a solid model of health assessment for navigating the confusion world of diet & lifestyle


~Weight loss

~Restored metabolic function & hormone balance

~Improved gut health & immunity

~Resolved or reduced severity of chronic &/or nagging health conditions

~Reduced or eliminated cravings.

~Increased exercise tolerance

~More restorative sleep

~Reduced joint pain & generalized body aches

~Improved skin tone & texture

~Much more!

*No guarantees are stated or implied



This 8-Week program is delivered to you entirely online!

Video recordings with everything you need to know sent via email periodically

Private Dialogue (developing & troubleshooting your personalized diet plan {protocol}) as needed via Slack

Group Coaching (total of 6) LIVE weekly via Zoom (really easy web meeting platform!)

Individual {Private} Coaching (total of 4) mutually scheduled and held via Zoom -- This is where the magic is! We'll talk about how you think about food & eating differently than before. I'll help clear up what is fact & what is fiction (an optional story you need not believe that is making this "hard"!)

Community Forum with program members for common questions, sharing, & support via Slack (I like Slack bcz it's much less distracting than Facebook & IG and content isn't lost!)

Outline (General):

Week 1 - Learning & Planning

Weeks 2-7 - Learning & Doing & Adjusting as Needed

Week 8 - Doing & Planning for the Future

Learning Topics:

-The Standard American Diet & Hormone Balance for Weight Loss & Anti-Inflammation

-Developing your goals & determining your commitment

-Building a diet to support your health & creating a personalized food protocol (and I'll share mine - even though yours will be different!)

-Building a menu & daily planning for logistics and because it changes your brain in a very useful way!

-Anticipating obstacles & navigating a junk-food world



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