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I am Andrea Sapienza. I am a wife, a mom, a Registered Nurse, and your health & nutrition coach!

I experienced profound healing & health restoration through diet & lifestyle changes when in my mid-40’s I had a health crisis of sorts and come to find the healing power of food. Now, in my 50’s, I continue to discover how food & lifestyle heal the insults of our modern world. 

This is me then:

This is me now: 

I now know that cared for bodies, minds & spirits remain robustly & vibrantly healthy for many, many years. Chronic & insidious disease, despite being common in our current culture, is not normal. 

Once I had experienced such incredible healing, I began to explore our current health & fitness paradigms and why they flat out are not working. Since discovering real health & wellness, my mission is to share with others how to make permanent changes that result in unexpected & delightful levels of health & wellbeing.

If you’re ready to make strides in your health and are willing to do some serious soul-searching & mindset shifting, and to learn to smartly & consciously eat, I think you’ll find my style exactly what you need! 


Make this your last stop for health & weight management!

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I am Andrea Sapienza of VibrantHealthRN.

I help people quit sugar & other addicting foods, heal their bodies, change thier mindand permanently transform their relationship with food.

Once & for all.