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Develop the tools to make permanent behavior changes for more easefull weight loss & maintenance and establishment of other healthy lifestyle habits. 


Components (4 Pillars) of Health:

  1. Food/Nutrition - eating the right foods in the right amount

  2. Sleep 

  3. Movement 

  4. Stress Management/Mindfulness - managing your mind/emotions


Managing Overeating has only two causes: overhunger (body) & overdesire (mind). Let’s solve BOTH!

  1. Overhunger (Goal: create energy & hormone balance):

  • Food Protocol to eliminate nutrient poor foods & include nutrient dense foods

  • Strategies for planning, preparing, & eating

  2. Overdesire (Goal: identify, process & shift subtle/unconscious thinking/beliefs): 

  • Recognize & allow urges

  • Identify negative emotion

  • Practice ‘feeling’ instead of avoiding, resisting, & reacting

  • Shift belief if needed

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