How To Think Differently About Food & Weight Loss

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

White knuckling & willpowering your way to weight loss & better health is an oxymoron. It’s not that you can’t create enough inner torture to motivate you to take action that results in weight loss. You probably know this is possible because you’ve probably done it.

But did it change your life in the most meaningful & permanent way? Most likely not. Most likely our results were fleeting. Because willpower is finite.

And then what?

What if it was possible to not only have a more pleasant experience but to also actually develop & install (as habits) actions to support your best health? Without all of the torture!

Indeed, this is really the only sustainable way to achieve health & weight maintenance.

Here’s what you’ll have to give up:

  • depriving yourself of food

  • using hunger as a marker for weight loss

  • applying the “eat as much as I can get away with” mentality

  • exercising as punishment

Here’s what to start doing:

  • seeking out deeply nourishing foods

  • honoring your hunger

  • choosing to move your body because you *can*! and because doing so supports your wellbeing

  • noticing & appreciating incrementally improved health

  • consciously choosing what supports you

  • managing your mind!

In short, change your story. Food is not the enemy. Eating the most junk with the least harm is not the end game.

Most of us are entirely unconscious to the stories we tell ourselves. How do you know if you’re unconscious to your own stories & beliefs? If you hear yourself say, “I am just the kind of person _______________”, that’s it! You are NOT “just the kind of person”. ALL of your thoughts & actions are based on a belief you hold that is the result of a story you’ve been told or told yourself over & over.

Weight loss is hard and requires white knuckling & willpower. ~~That’s a story.

Good health is a privilege to pursue and easily results in effortless weight loss as a secondary outcome. ~~That’s a story.

Which one would you like to chose? Which one do you think would allow you to develop habits that support your health & weight management over the long haul?

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