Letting Go of “Hard”

I’m going to be straight with you. In more than one way, I’m going to be straight with you.

Blogging about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is hard for me. It’s not that I don’t have lots say. You know I do! It’s that I want to say only what it is that you are ready to hear so you don’t get lost in the noise. I want to capture you with the right information you need at the very moment you need it.

Who am I kidding? I’m not personally coaching you. I’m BLOGGING!

That’s not possible. I’ve made this too hard.

To be honest, it’s a lot like what we’ve done with diet and lifestyle. We’ve made to it too hard. Intangible. Unattainable. Out there. For someone else but not for me.

Here’s what every one of you needs to know at this very moment. No it’s not.

If you are ready to eat better so you can feel better, then eat better. You know what that means! You know what to do.

I’m not saying you haven’t been fed some misinformation (like “eat low fat & high whole grains and restrict calories”) along the way that needs correction, but by and large, this information is not what is between you and better health.

What’s between you and better health is this perception that it’s too hard. That you need to know what Paleo is (whether you do it or not) before you change what you eat.

No, you don’t. What you need to know is what foods you’re eating that aren’t working for you. No Paleo guru can tell you that. That, my friend, is really up to you.

Or maybe what’s between you and better health is the absence of just the right gimmick or fad. Doubtfully you’re here reading this if that’s you…

My friends, mainstream nutrition has and still does have it wrong. It’s frustrating. I know!! It’s downright maddening the whole margarine vs. butter debate. What. The. Hell??

We throw our hands up because it’s too damn hard.

But here’s the best news I’ve ever had for you. No. It’s. Not!!

Eat foods from the earth with very minimal processing. Yeah, your cow has to be rendered “beef” by a processor. That’s not what I mean. I mean CHEEZE WHIZ! You KNOW what I mean!!

Don’t use “hard” as a cop out.

If you’re ready to eat better and you truly don’t know what to eat, ask me. I will gladly help you break this down into something that will make your head spin with the ease of it.

Eating REAL, WHOLE food is anything but hard.

Here’s where to start…


vegetables (any and all of them but not just the same one over & over – ps. corn isn’t a vegetable and white potatoes can be easily overdone, but let’s keep it simple for now)meats (anything that is pretty much pure, without additives) – eat about half as much meat as you do veggies (maybe even a third as much at some meals!)egg (eat the damn yolks!)fruitsnuts & seedsfull fat dairy (try to shoot for high quality, organic) – and this assumes you do not have issues with dairycoconut oil (cook with it), olive oil (use it liberally on salads and in dips), butter/ghee (cook your veggies in ghee for a great buttery flavor!), lard (to borrow a phrase from Emeril, “Pork fat rules!”), avocados (put them in & on everything. the end)

Don’t Eat:

anything processed (including most grains – but really, this depended on YOU. Not me. Do grains work for you? They absolutely did not work for me.)

If on a whole foods diet you find you are having cravings for processed foods & sweet treats, consider a sugar detox. I’ll have more about that soon! But it’s 21 days of no sugar (including most fruits) that will change you!

The most common problem people encounter when they try to eat whole foods is that they don’t eat enough. The point is not to be hungry! At this point, it’s really not about weight loss (not that I think you need to be hungry to lose weight). It’s about feeling better.

I don’t want to complicate things, but weight loss is not as much about calories as it is about systemic inflammation. Let’s don’t go there. Let’s focus on eating well.

It’s really not hard!

I will gladly answer any & every questions you have that I can. Ask anyone who’s asked!

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