Shift In Thinking

Thus far my schtick has pretty much been food. But I’ve been fairly ineffective at catapulting many into the realms of diet change that I’ve personally experienced. At some point, it felt yucky to poke and prod people while obviously lacking the tools or right words to burst lackluster food bubbles. Major breakthroughs just weren’t happening.

So I took a time-out. What the heck was missing?

Both of us thought that what was probably missing was this meticulously created menu plan to be followed to the tee that will magically transform everyone’s health should they follow this ridiculously simple and doable (otherwise you won’t do it) plan that I had yet to create.

OK. The elephant in the room is so obvious. You can’t eat what I eat and have the same results because our chemistry and genetics and histories and environments are different. Every individual ultimately has to take personal accountability for their diet. For this reason alone, the meticulously created menu plan theory is flawed.

But here’s what I’ve come to realize is like the Sperm Whale in the room. It’s really not about following a menu plan at all. NOT AT ALL.

It’s about changing your relationship with food. You see, I’ve enjoyed a health transformation because I changed how I thought about food.

OK. But how?

Gratitude. Cliche but TRUE.

I quit considering food & eating a burden & chore and began to look at it as a privilege & honor. I sourced high-quality food and looked it’s grower in the face. I visited their farms. I listened to them tell me with pride how they tend to their crops and herds. I met their kids. And watched them have babies. And move to bigger & better farms. And win awards for being innovative farmers.

I also put my own hands in the dirt and tried (not very successfully, I admit!) to grow some of my own food. You’ll never savor food like you do the food you’ve raised yourself!

I began to judge food based on its ability to make my body function top-notch.

The point is my transformation wasn’t about food. It was about how I thought about food.

It was my THINKING.

NOW we’re gettin’ somewhere….

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