The Backstory & Getting Started

Hello Everyone! 

Welcome to my very first blog entry! It is my hope that you’ve come to my site for ideas, knowledge, and support for improving your health.

Over the last 1-1/2 to 2 years, my friends and family have watched me transform my health from looked-fairly-decent-on-the-outside-but-nearly-wrecked-on-the-inside to well-on-my-way-to-VIBRANT! Throughout my journey, I tried to share what I had learned about transforming health from below average/average to optimal but I realize it was all kind of fragmented and confusing and just too much.

Hence, this consolidated repository for your endless access! AND you can ask me questions or share your thoughts!

My journey to health was anything but straight forwarded and the means by which I achieved health are not, well, let’s say, “conventional” (as if this comes as any surprise :p!). If you’re frustrated with “” and standard dietary recommendations, open your mind and empty it. Let’s fill it up with something that actually works and is sustainable!!

What I have come to know is that wellness is a lifestyle, a huge part of which is the food choices you make. But nutrition and digestion can be complicated, however your wellness need not be (unless you already have significantly compromised health, in which case targeted treatment may be necessary). I honestly believe that with a nutrient-dense diet (don’t freak out – we’ll walk through this in meticulous detail!) and healthy lifestyle, nearly all chronic conditions will simply resolve over time.

Here’s my short list of some of the symptoms that had, for me, become status quo but that spontaneously completely resolved or dramatically improved simply with a whole foods diet (all I did was eat REAL FOOD!):

low and/or inconsistent energy levels and fatigue

bloating, gas, & various other gastrointestinal symptom

slow quality, non-restorative sleep

sinus congestion

flaky skin & acne

excess 30 pounds

generalized itching

moderately high blood pressure

low thyroid function

moderate to severe diffuse joint pain

lack of focus/mental clarity

feeling enslaved to food cravings!

Any of these symptoms ring true for you? While some of these symptoms might seem “normal”, they are not. They may be quite common, but don’t mistake common for normal. “Aging” is not a justification for rapidly declining health & chronic illness! And while I’m at it, I’ll be blunt. Obesity is not a natural state of health. Nor does it necessarily have to be your fate!!

But Rome wasn’t built in a day and I don’t want you to get confused, overwhelmed, and paralyzed by the thoughts of how all of this is going to go down. Let’s stay level-headed (yes, I just said that :0). Leave the drama for your mama. In fact, let’s start here. Let’s don’t change a thing about what you eat (I’ll be you didn’t expect me to say that!).

Let’s start with simply paying attention. Because your body knows what it needs. It knows how to heal itself if given the right support.

So for the first few days, simply notice how food smells, feels, looks, and tastes. Before you eat observe your level of hunger and your emotional state. While eating, notice everything about the food. An hour and two hours after you eat, take an honest survey of how the food has effected you both physically and emotionally.

After a few days of cultivating this awareness, start a food diary. Record all of the same observations above but also record everything you eat. I promise I will NOT ask you to count your calories. And in a week or so, we’ll take the next step forward!

A note about my website: even though it still has quite a primitive appearance (I do realize how much growing up it needs to do!) it has truly been a labor of love to get it to this point. I’m terribly nervous to launch it (eek)! I really, really want you to find it useful and motivating and EMPOWERING. It’s not there yet. I know that. But, it doesn’t seem right to wait and as Diane Sanfilippo, one of the best in the business, (sorta) said, “Start writing. It won’t be good. Do it anyway. It will get better. But not it you don’t start”.

I’d like to give a shout out to Christine Niles for her technical support. She willingly and tirelessly answered my idiotic questions (many of them the same ones over & over!) about building a website from scratch. And then she broke (or, more aptly, I broke her!) and she asked for admin rights to my site. I’ve never so willingly handed my soul over to someone in all of my life! She’s been my savior in this and I cannot thank her enough (except maybe with Lay’s which ain’t happenin’!)

It is my intention to grow the content and usefulness of the website over time such that it serves as a valuable health resource to you.

I ask for your feedback about my blog & website. Take a look around the site and let me know what information you’d like to see that isn’t here, or what you want more of, or what is of no interest to you. This isn’t my repository of empowerment. It’s yours!


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