The New You

Do you know that once you’ve transformed yourself, you can't keep being the old you? It's true. You will have to settle into being someone different than who you were.

The 115-pound me couldn't be the same as the 145-pound me. I couldn't eat the same, and I couldn't think the same.

Yes, you literally will have to think differently. Even changing a few simple foods/drinks you eat/don’t eat from what your used to eating/not eating will require you to change. This is why "baby steps" work well for some people. It allows for spreading out of the drama over time.

For a long time after I lost weight, I had to actively shift my thinking into that of someone who was thin. I had to become the person who prioritized healthful foods and appreciated the effects they had in my body. I had to be the person who doesn’t eat convenience & packaged foods. I couldn’t be who I used to be. I often say that the close timings of having adopted our children aided me to shift my identify bcz my identity was already blown to smithereens. So I had momentum 😆!

None the less, BECOMING someone new, someone who owns success & achievement, is required to maintain your results.

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