The Unexpected Solution to Your Search for Healthy Snacks

love when y’all ask me questions. Not only does it challenge me to know my stuff and to be able to deliver a response that is meaningful and actionable for you, but it lets me know what’s going on out there in the world of really wonderful people trying to do the right thing, exercise as much as you can, and eat the best you know how.

I get asked often about “snack foods”, namely fruit & nut bars that are only fruit & nuts (and sometimes a little honey). Are specific ones “clean”? Are they “healthy”? Are they “ok”? Do you eat them? The first three questions are debatable (well, some specific ones are NOT debatable) but, NO, I do not eat them. And here’s why:

{The answer will surprise you! And I hope it changes EVERYTHING for you!}


This fact is no great feat of willpower on my part. It’s because I don’t need to, I am NOT HUNGRY BETWEEN MEALS.

On the rare occasion that I find myself hungry between meals, I know something needs to be tweaked. Usually my meal composition (fats, proteins, & carbs) or the quantity. Yes, sometimes I don’t eat enough!

Recently my husband experienced a slight increase in his weight (not to rat out the guy but it’s a real life story!) and we took a look at his diet. He was eating a really high calorie (and you know I don’t count calories but it doesn’t mean that calories don’t count – another blog post, for sure!) snack. I suggested he increase his meal portions (YES! I recommended that!) and, call it magic, but the need for a snack and the few extra pounds? GONE. Why? Because he’s NOT HUNGRY for a snack.

THIS is satiety. THIS comes from eating nutrient dense foods. THIS comes from meeting your body’s demand for energy with REAL FOOD!

THIS makes you the boss of food when I am willing to bet that most of the time, you put a fair amount of effort into an often losing battle of willing yourself to not eat (especially carb-laden foods)!

I NEVER do that anymore. EVER. Not even in the face of birthday cake. Or bread. That’s right. Not even bread.

Because I AM THE BOSS now. And you can be too.

[My next post: “Building a REAL FOOD Meal”]

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